Over the years we have worked for several sectors and are proud of our accomplishments.

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Drone
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Interactive Virtual Tours

Mark Weeks Photo & Video creates exceptional imagery across all pixel types. Working with a small team of passionate photographers and filmmakers, we can deliver compelling stories through a multitude of imagery

Since 2005, Mark Weeks Photo & Video has been driven to provide the highest quality imagery to clients across all sectors. Over the years, we’ve found our work resonates well with discerning clients within some specific sectors.

Lounging with a coffee at Stoke Park after a busy day of shooting

Hotels & Leisure

Mark Weeks Photo & Video creates on-brand imaging for hotels, spas and resorts. Working with some of the world’s leading brands and some of the most interesting independents, we understand that beautiful imagery sells. We can provide photography, video and virtual tours with that in mind - whether the brief is lifestyle, interiors, exteriors, food & beverage or portraits.

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Mark at work photographing the latest toys for Jazwares

Business & Industry

With a background in business and marketing, Mark realised his drive to create pictures surpassed his other ambitions. Though he has left this all behind, he has never lost site of the core values that business clients have and a knowledge of how to achieve them. The aim is to create imagery that not only reflects a brand – but defines it as well. This has been instrumental to our success within the business sector. Whether you require branding photography, images for your annual report, executive portraits, architectural photography or a brand video, let Mark Weeks Photo & Video help you tell a story within every image.

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Luxury & Lifestyle

Mark Weeks Photo & Video has worked with some leading luxury brands to create stunning yet approachable imagery that resonates with clients who expect the best. We have a track record of providing on-brand photography with first-class video work to provide an ideal package to many world class brands.

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Mark Weeks crack a coconut on the street for art

Places & Spaces

Photographing buildings and gorgeous landscapes have been part of our business for nearly two decades. Working with leading interior designers, architects and even property developers enables us to turn their vision into a reality.

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Conference & Events space at Royal Foundation of St. Katherine

Shooting portraits at the Bank of London and the Middle East


Just as doctors are judged by their bedside manner, portrait photographers are judged by their ability to get the best from their subjects. Working in the corporate sector, it’s rare a day goes by when a subject doesn’t come in and immediately announce, “I hate having may photo taken.” Tackling the issue head on, Mark talks with each person candidly about what they are most concerned about and then works to ensure that through proper positioning and lighting, the subject is left with a shot they love (or at least can live with).

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Mark Weeks and the Team for a behind-the-scenes lifestyle shoot


Mark Weeks Photo & Video have a proven track record of storyboarding, script-writing, casting and creating captivating video in order to sell your brand. We have created videos across different sectors that work.

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For stunning aerial photography or video, Mark Weeks Photo & Video create art from above telling a story. Beauty is at the heart of everything we do, and as a result, we aim to create both still and moving imagery that is beautiful and transforms our clients’ concepts into a piece that shines. Combining this with the latest Drone imagery, we have the ability to create beauty, wonder and story in one package.

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Battersea drone project, London

Virtual Tours

We pioneered Google Street View Trusted virtual tours in the UK when it launched in 2012, and ten years on, we have created hundreds of virtual tours across nearly every business sector throughout the UK and around the world.

We see the virtual tour as the foundation for bringing the digital world alive, and as such, continue to seek out the latest technologies and best practices to help our clients leverage their investment in a virtual tour, to ensure it remains interesting and relevant to their users and clients.

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Mark Weeks shooting a virtual tour from within a closet